Human Rights Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (HURI SACCO) was founded by the staff of Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) in August 2001 and registered in the same year.
Our core business is to mobilize savings from the members and advance approved credit for provident and productive purposes at fair and reasonable interest rates. Our members are drawn from local, national and international human rights organizations.

Our Leadership

Faith Alubbe

Faith Alubbe (Falubbe) has been a member of the HURI Sacco since 2014.  Faith works at the Kenya Human Rights Commission as the Program Advisor overseeing the Transitional Justice Program.  She is a Human Rights Lawyer that works on the Transitional Justice agenda and Governance issues related to Land and Land Based Resources. Faith also gained a wealth of experience at previously held positions at the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA Kenya) and at the Coalition of Women against Violence (COVAW -K), where she worked as Women Rights advocate. She serves in the Board of Directors at the Kenya Land Alliance and she is also a Steering Committee member of the Kenya Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas (KCSPOG).

Timothy Mwichigi

Timothy  Mwichigi joined the HURI Sacco Management Committee in 2017. He has been a member since 2012. He is a Certified Public Secretary (Part II). He holds qualifications in Management (Project Management) and Monitoring and Evaluation. He is an Associate Member of Kenya Institute of Management (AKIM).

Timothy specialises on access to justice and governance under the Administration of Justice Programme at Legal Resources Foundation (LRF), an NGO based in Nairobi. Timothy also serves a member of Board of Management in a public school based in Kiambu and as Treasurer for Board of Management of a church institution. He chose HURI Sacco because it is member- centred, believes in and practices openness, accountability and is transparent, providing timely and reliable credit facilities in a human rights sector specific membership outreach.

Ignatius Yambassa
Vice Chairperson

Ignatius Yambassa Kembu is a lawyer and human rights defender with vast experience in security matters. Currently he works for Shield for justice Foundation where his role is to work with victims of human rights violations to enable them access justice. He has been a member of the Sacco for many years. He says the Sacco has benefitted him through two loans, one for purchasing a car and a school fees loan to enable him further his studies.

Beryl Aidi
Credit Committee

Beryl Aidi has been a member of Hurisacco since 2010 when she joined the Kenya Human Rights Commission, where she worked for four years before moving to Amnesty International. She has served in the Management Committee since 2014. Her background is in communications and has also studied  Diplomacy and International Law. She says that Hurisacco has been great for her as a sacco that not only cares about members’ money but does it from a human rights perspective, built on fundamentals of transparency and accountability which gives the reassurance that members’ investments are safe.

Irene Maina.png
Irene Maina

Irene Maina is a human rights worker with over 15 years of experience in human rights and development work in East Africa. She has served in the following organizations in different capacities: Legal Resources Foundation, Akiba Uhaki Foundation and East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders. She currently works with Diakonia Sweden. Irene was appointed to the HURI Sacco management committee in April 2018.

Mary Airo
Credit Committee

Mary Airo works for Legal Resources Foundation Trust as a project officer in charge of Paralegal Trainings. She is also the National Coordinator of Paralegal Support Network ‎(PASUNE) which has its secretariat is at LRF. She has been in the NGO world for over 23 years and has contributed immensely for the democratic space enjoyed by Kenyans today. Mary is also a trained Mediator with Mediation Training Institute International (MTI). A social worker by profession, Mary ‎has another special talent as a renowned actor in Kenya and beyond. She is acts on Citizen TV on a program called 'Papa Shirandula' and plays the role of Mama Nyaguthii who is the landlady to Papa. She has also used her talent to train theatre groups of young people all over the country. She is also a script writer. Mary joined HURI Sacco in the year 2006 and has been involved in the growth of the Sacco over the years. 

Gloria Madegwa.jpg
Gloria Madegwa
Credit Committee

Ms. Gloria Madegwa is a lawyer by training and a Woman Human Rights Defender who holds a bachelors of Laws degree. Ms. Madegwa has been working in the Human Rights sector for the past six years. She is currently head of the Capacity Building Programme at the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders-Kenya(Defenders Coalition) where she oversees the skills development component of Human Rights Defenders on security management (physical and digital)and networking and partnerships.She has a passion in working with the young generation especially in life skills and mentoring. Gloria has been a member of the HURI Sacco for the six years and has immensely benefitted from the products offered by the Sacco, she is currently a member of the management committee of the SACCO.

Davis Malombe.jpg
Davis Malombe Supervisory Committee

Davis Malombe is the Deputy Executive Director at the Kenya Human Rights Commission. He has been a member of Hurisacco for around 14 years. Davis chose Hurisacco because of its unique focus on the human rights community in Kenya. It has highly committed, humane, credible and accountable management system and leadership. Has very prolific and attractive products which have greatly boosted his economic and social well being.

Lilian Amusolo
Supervisory Committee

Lilian Amusolo is a counselling psychologist of  10 years of experience on on trauma counselling who has worked with various human rights organization but currently I am a program officer  at shield for justice foundation I am also a business of school uniform I am a board member of a is secondary school in Busia County called Kengatuny secondary school.

Joined the sacco the sacco in 2010 I have seen the sacco grow steadily and consolidated its place and the unique membership and the benefits I being a beneficiary of the sacco products .

Kamau Ngugi
Supervisory Commitee

Kamau Ngugi is a veteran human rights defender and currently heads the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders, Kenya. He has a passion for protection of human rights defenders.


As I was growing in my career and family life, I increased my monthly contribution as well my share value and in 2013 together with my spouse we pooled resources. I approached Huri Sacco for loan, I was advanced Five Hundred thousand (500,000) and together with our other savings we managed to purchase some land where we currently have our home. Our journey with Huri Sacco did not end at purchasing land but after repaying  the loan and we applied for another one. This one helped me realize my dream of finishing and occupying my house which I call my home.

Irene Maina, Hurisacco Secretary