Our membership is drawn from various human rights organizations and other members of the civil society in Kenya. We have members who join by virtue of the organization that they work for such as national and international level human rights NGOs, members of community-based organizations, and individuals.

Traditionally, HURI SACCO has drawn its members from civil society organizations promoting Human Rights, Development and Good Governance in Eastern Africa. Thus, the membership mainly comprises employees of national and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOS), and subnational human rights and good governance networks. However, HURI SACCO also draws its membership from actors in government departments and agencies, the corporate sector, private practice and consulting, where such actors espouse and practice the ideals of Human Rights and Good Governance.




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And many more community based organizations


I joined HURI sometimes back in 2006 and for sure I have benefited a lot from the Sacco. I have benefited from education loans, development loans, and emergency loans among other products. I managed to complete my college studies well without so much hustle.

My family has benefited from various loans up to today and I appreciate. I have also managed to buy myself a car from a HURI loan and looking forward to acquiring more property by the help of the Sacco’s loans. The best thing is that the loans don’t take long to be processed. The longest time I ever waited was one and a half weeks and the shortest time was three days. This cannot be compared with some Saccos who take even up to three months to have a loan approved. 

Mary Airo, aka, Mama Nyaguthii