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Frequently asked question

  • How do I qualify to be a member?

    To qualify for membership into HURI SACCO, you must be:

    1.An ordinary resident in Kenya

    2.Not belonging to any similar Savings and Credit Co-operative Society during the tenure of membership in The Society

    3.An employee of a human rights or governance civil society 
organization or its affiliate. 
Active members who change employment can apply to continue with membership within 14days prior to change of employment;

    4.Has not been convicted of a criminal offence involving fraud 
or dishonesty 

    5.At least 18 years of age 

  • What is the difference between a Briding loan and an Emergency loan?

    1.An emergency loan is a product available to members needing to meet a need that qualifies as an emergency such as a need to settle an urgent medical bill.

    2.A bridging loan helps a member access funds for projects while still servicing an initial loan.

  • What happens if I lose my job before finishing paying off my loan?

    1.Members who lose their source of income before completing their loan must immediately notify the SACCO treasurer and accountant for further guidance on steps to be taken to ensure the loan is recovered.

    2.All loans are secured by guarantee, savings or collateral, which failure to repay the loan can be activated to ensure the loan is recovered.

  • Can I buy more than the initial 5,000 shares?

    1.Yes, a member can buy as many shares s/he wishes provided it doesn’t exceed 20% of the totals

  • What happens to my shares if I leave the SACCO?

    1.You can withdraw all your savings, however, as per the cooperative movement by-laws, you cannot withdraw your share capital. You have the option of selling them off to other members on a willing seller willing buyer basis.

    2.If you leave without selling your shares to another member, they become part of the shares that can be floated to members to buy and the Sacco will pay you back the share’s worth.

  • Can I still be a member even if I am no longer in the human rights sector?

    1.Yes, even after you leave the human rights sector, you are still welcome to be a member.